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My Story: Being Healthy Again

January 28, 2010

“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” 

~Mark Twain

My Story…
I am often asked how I stay so healthy. “You must have great genes, or you
must be really lucky,” people say.

I wish that were true…

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Is the Flu Gonna Get You?

July 8, 2009

Couple_of_BacteriaAre we completely helpless when it comes to avoiding the Flu and other ‘germ related’ diseases?  Or are there some simple things that we can easily do to prevent the flu or other germ related illnesses from ever happening?

Do germs alone make people sick or are there other factors that determine our state of health and immunity?  What is the Germ Theory of disease?  And is there another more accurate system of understanding human health and disease?

Let’s first have a quick look back in history.

The Germ Theory was created and promulgated (in part) by Louis Pasteur in the 1860’s.  To this day it is the basis for modern/western medicine’s approach to health and disease.  But Is Pasteur’s theory really sound?

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The Secret Benefits of Chiropractic

May 14, 2009

chiropracticHave you ever wondered why an otherwise healthy person would see a Chiropractor on a regular basis?  There’s a simple answer to this question…  And I’ll give you a hint; it has very little to do with back aches or neck pain.

But first I’d like to share a powerful secret with you today, information that could possibly change your whole outlook on life!  It’s one of the simplest, yet most valuable secrets about your health and longevity that I know of; something that hundreds of millions of people still don’t know about.

The secret is this: there is one essential area of your physical body that holds the KEY to your overall health and longevity.  And if you pay close attention to this ONE area of your health then you’ll have a much greater chance of living a long and healthy life.

Which area is this?  Answer: it’s your Nervous System!

Your Nervous System is responsible for the growth, health, control and monitoring of ALL the other systems in your body.  This very complex system conveys the Intelligence of the Universe throughout your body.  And your Spinal column is important because it houses and protects your Nervous system. Read more…

10 Things You Can Do At Home Without Your Chiropractor

December 16, 2008

back-pain-921Here are my top 10 all-time proven strategies to help you get out of pain and improve your function now!

Let’s face it, pain relief is one of the primary reasons people see a chiropractor.  It’s not the best reason, but it’s a good reason.  It’s worth mentioning quickly that Chiropractic’s most powerful benefits are related to a better functioning body overall – due to enhanced functioning of your nervous system resulting from a Chiropractic adjustment.

I will be the first to admit that I see a chiropractor for both reasons:  pain relief and improved function of my body.  I like it that my digestion is better when I get adjusted, but I really enjoy that my back feels better as well.

But let’s say you can’t get to your Chiropractor now… or you went and your still feeling some sort of pain (very common).  What can you do?

Ready?  Here you go:

1.  Ice.  If you are in pain and need some relief, reach for a good soft-gel type ice pack.  Ice is particularly good during the first 2-3 days after an injury.  “But it’s cold outside!”   So, get dressed up warm, turn up the heat and put that ice pack on your sore back or neck.  And plan to take a nice hot shower or bath right after you ice.

Apply ice for 20 minutes at a time.  Use a thin T-shirt or cloth between your skin and the ice pack.  It’s common for the area being treated to feel really cold, achy and even “burn” a little for the first 5 minutes, then the area goes numb and the coldness goes away.  Avoid using ice for longer than 25 minutes.  You can do more harm than good by keeping ice on for longer than 30 min.  Wait at least 2 hours before repeating with ice.  (You may  wish to consider alternating with heat at this time… read below). Read more…


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